Thomas, makes his living on the street, 2020
The 20er has been sold on Tyrol’s streets since 1998 and published by the “Association for the Promotion of a Street Newspaper in Tyrol”. The 20er is a reciprocal project: people who find themselves in social distress sell the newspaper and receive half the price for every copy sold.
Since the redesign in 2020 Nicolas supports the Magazine with his portraits.
Daniel Romberg, Lanser See, 2020

Covering different stories for the 20er gives a nice insight in province of Tirol and its characters . Daniel Romberg, for example, manager at a lake near Innsbruck, is one of them . Beside extravagant culinary specialties grown in the fields around the restaurant he offers a beautiful gallery space and meeting room with a unique lake view .


Mohammad´s story of his jacquard loom goes back over 200 years . Leaving Syria he brings it along to keep producing the very unique brokat silk .



Mohammad Jabr, Brokat Silk, 2020
Dreimalumalpha, Band, 2020
Leadsinger Dreimalumalpha, Simon, 2020
CEO qwntic/ bananatex, Hannes Schönegger, 2020

Hannes Schönegger invents an amazing new technique to make fine fabrics out of banana leafs called BANANATEX . QWSTION is his design label producing backpacks and coats out of the sustainable fabrics.


Doris Wilflingseder is Deputy Director and leading head at the Division of Hygiene and Medical Microbiology Innsbruck . As a big animal lover she is among the pioneers who made all her researches with animal free testing .

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Doris Wilflingseder Institute of Hygiene and Medical Microbiology, 2020
Angie, HaPoel, 2020
Tanja Schnell, Prof. Dr. Psychologie, 2020
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