I am Marlene

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Andreas Hafele turns a campaign concept by Viennese agency Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann into a touching film for V.O.G  telling the story of Italy’s beloved apple brand „Marlene, daughter of the Alps“. Shot in the unique landscapes of northern Italy, also known as SouthTyrol, Marlene’s story evolves around the beauty and harshness of nature and the will of an apple to thrive.

I am Marlene.

You might know my name, but you don’t know my story. I was born and raised here.

South Tyrol, the sunny side of the alps.

My father is the mountain.
Massive an mighty, older than time.

My mother is the mediterranean sun.
Her warm embrace caresses my skin and her light guides me everyday.

My teacher is the weather.

Fresh breezes gave me the knowledge to withstand the cold, to be strong, to thrive.

And thrive I did.

So next time you see me, remember where I come from.

I am not your ordinary apple. I am Marlene.
Daughter of the alps.

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